Co-Founder Chris Clark Reaches Out of the Box

For Balanz co-founder Chris Clark, a doctor trained at Yale Medical School, becoming an entrepreneur is definitely out of the box (of chocolates) for him. Yet if you look deeper, there’s a direct connection to Balanz as he spent a decade as the medical director of The Raj Ayurveda Health Center and wrote Contemporary Ayurveda about a system of natural medicine that supports mental, physical and emotional health through natural, non-invasive therapies such as diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, aroma therapy, and daily and seasonal routines. 

“The goal of Ayurveda is to restore balance, and that’s why we named our company and brand Balanz,” says Chris. 

Chris says he’s always been a great enjoyer of chocolate and thought, “Why can’t we have chocolate that is balancing and good for you too? When you eat something delicious, you want to feel good about it afterwards—guilt free.”

With his knowledge of Ayurveda, Chris suggested the spice combinations of vanilla-cardamom and cinnamon-nutmeg to create immunity and balance.

“These are tri-doshic bars and truffles, which means they balance the three Ayurvedic doshas, or mind-body operators,” says Chris. “And they taste great too—that was very important to us.”

Also in the works are additional chocolate bars and truffles to create specific benefits using Ayurvedic herbs such as hibiscus-valerian for calming, bacopa-macuna for brain power, and ashwagandha-ginko for energy.

Chris says that ten percent of the company’s profits are donated to educational and world peace initiatives. Balanz is also are taking an environmental stance with organic, sustainable, and Fair Trade products that have a positive effect on the chocolate-growing regions of Ghana and Ivory Coast.

“The goal of Ayurveda is to respect Nature’s intelligence and promote health as a state of balance—for the mind, body and environment,” says Chris. “The result of that health is happiness and bliss.”


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