"Transform your relationship with chocolate, the antiguilt-delicious-meets-nutritious-meets-immunity-doctor-engineered-chocolate"

Chris, Justin, & Michael


Behind the Idea

We loved the creamy taste of chocolate and the way it melts in our mouths. We didn't love the after effects—the guilt of eating a whole chocolate bar, the sugar crash and the caffeinated jittery feeling. So, the founders got together to design and engineer the perfect chocolate. Chocolate that makes you feel at ease, chocolate that boosts immunity, chocolate that makes you blissful and leaves you transformed—full of balance. 

Balanz me

The Mission & Values

to create bliss in mind, body, environment via Ayurveda for mass market

Bias to action

Bias to Action





Balance & Bliss

Bliss & Balance

Behind the Chocolate

No Junk. Organic. Non-GMO. Fair Trade. Gluten Free. Halal. Kosher. No Trans fats. UTZ certified. We looked for the highest quality chocolate in the world and found it in Switzerland. The highest ethical standards for the highest quality taste. ISO 9001 certified chocolate production.

Beyond Fair Trade

Our chocolatier follows a philosophy of "Fair Direct Cacao" and works openly and directly on location with cacao farmers so that they can profit from fair conditions. Due to the consideration taken towards natural resources in the cacao regions, it is possible to conserve these for long-term use so that future generations will continue to prosper and benefit. Fair prices enable cacao farmers to use natural resources sustainably so that they remain preserved for future generations. 

Cacao Principles

  1. Know where cacao beans are grown.
  2. Cultivate contact with the cacao farmers and local partners and visit them regularly.
  3. Stay informed about the working and production conditions in the origin countries.
  4. Pay extensively more than Fair Trade prices for high quality cacao beans.
  5. Commit to ensuring that cacao is both socially acceptable for farmers and their families and is grown in harmony with nature.
  6. Engage long-term to ensure a secure income for future generations of cacao farmers.
  7. During transport and processing in Switzerland, conserve natural resources where- ever possible. New technologies aid in the constant improvement of energy efficiency.

Behind the Founders

Chris Clark MD. Co-Founder. Dr Clark has a background in complementary alternative medicine and psychiatry. A graduate of Yale medical school, he served in institutions such as Kaiser Permanente and pioneered the spread of Ayurvedic medicine as founding medical director of the Raj, America’s premier Ayurvedic health facility. He is the co-author of Ayurvedic Healing and The Coherence Effect and also Director of Wellbeing at Garten. He lives with his family in Santa Rosa, California.

Justin. Co-Founder. Justin has more than 7 years of experience in making all forms of chocolate--bars, truffles, nuts, inclusions, white, dark, you name it. He dreams of chocolate and makes his visions a reality on a daily basis. He is a VP of Buying and Operations at Collective Goods.

Michael. Co-Founder. Michael is successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur having founded a wellbeing and technology company and gone through top programs such as Ycombinator and raised large amounts of venture financing.


"The Spirit in which we act is the highest matter" /Goethe